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We’ve ‘Bingoing’ Mad (sorry!)

November 21, 2011

Firstly, a huge apology again for the time it has taken for a new update! Things have been very busy and are going to continue right up until Christmas…which is FAB…thank you sooooooo much for your orders!

First up…Robert Patterson…apparently a very popular chap! Well I was informed that the girl in receipt of this cake was actually his wife…so sorry girls! A really effective edible print cake for a sweet sixteen…

Edible Transfer Cake

Next…Bingo…hence my horrendous title! A special 70th Birthday cake for a massive bingo fan.  This cake was fantastic…really bright and fun…

Bingo Cake...12inch Cake, complete with stamper, bingo card and loads of bingo balls!

 Do you remember the 5th of November…another great excuse for more cake! To be honest these firework cupcakes would be fantastic for any ocassion…the colour could be changed to be girly and sparkly…pastels to celebrate a baby shower…whatever takes your fancy…

Glittery, Sparkly & bright...perfect for any party!

Next, a very last minute cake, 24 hours notice! I really don’t recommend trying to get a cake with 24 hours notice…but it CAN be done…so if you are desperate then just ask…if we can do it we will! The result…an Alloy!!

Super cool sparkly Alloy! Great for boys...or girls!

And it keeps going…told you we had a good reason for not updating the website!! Giant cupcakes…Chocolate and vanilla…and absolutely yummy!

Large vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with swirls of yummy chocolate and vanilla buttercream


Another short notice cake…slightly longer…48 hours notice…CHOMP! We loved this cake…it was such fun…complete with his silver chain.
Mario Chomp cake

Last cake for this update…a bright red fire engine, complete with sparkly sirens, ladder and personalised number plate!!

Fire Engine Cake

Finally, over the next week our new page will be up and running…Customer Feedback…it will be a bit different from the normal boring customer reviews pages, this one will have your pictures! Keep looking!!

See you next time…there are some really fantastic cakes coming soon!! Take Care x x x
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